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Top 10 Real Estate Agency in Singapore [2024]

A wide variety of properties, from opulent condos to comfortable HDB apartments, are available in Singapore's thriving real estate market. However, navigating this shifting terrain can be challenging, especially for first-time investors or buyers. To Real estate agents are essential in helping buyers and sellers find their ideal properties.

With so many companies to select from, it can be challenging to know where to begin. With your assistance, we have compiled a list of the top 10 real estate companies in Singapore for 2024 based on factors such as market share, client feedback, and speciality in specific property kinds.

10 Best Real Estate Agency in Singapore You Can Choose

1. Jackie Mang Division

Jackie Mang Division represents the epitome of excellence and innovation. Seasoned industry veteran Jackie Mang leads the division and is well-known for its cutting-edge technology, family-like atmosphere, and dedication to agent development. Jackie Mang Division prides itself on building trusting relationships and offering unmatched assistance, ensuring clients and agents receive excellent care and direction. They stand out as a leader in the field because of their commitment to remaining ahead of the curve and empowering agents.

2. PropNex Realty is the top real estate portal with the most extensive and up-to-date property listings and market data for Singaporean real estate. You can filter and browse your way to your dream property using this practical and comprehensive resource, which is full of high-quality images and essential information. You can search for homes for sale, apartments, executive condos, condos, landed homes, and HDBs for sale or rent. Through their portal, you can also schedule appointments for house viewings and show flat tours and make inquiries.

3. Propseller

Propseller is the leading Singaporean real estate company known for its dedication to transparency and tech-driven strategy. They streamline property transactions for clients by emphasising data-driven tactics through their user-friendly platform. Propseller is a preferred choice for buyers and sellers because of their commitment to efficiency and innovation.

4. ERA Realty Network

ERA Realty Network reputation is well-established for its global presence and proficiency in serving foreign clients. Regardless of your language or nationality, their committed staff of multilingual agents can help you throughout the purchasing or selling process. They offer personalized solutions to clients to handle their diverse needs of real estate.

5. Property Lim Brothers

Property Lim Brothers is a reputable real estate company in Singapore. They are well-known for its attentive attention to client demands and individualised approach to customer service. Their team is excellent at enabling smooth real estate transactions, whether in the residential or commercial sectors, by putting a strong emphasis on honesty and professionalism. They has extensive market knowledge, which allows them to offer clients specialised solutions and knowledgeable advice.

6. Knight Frank

Knight Frank Singapore is one of the first foreign real estate consultancies in the nation. Their work has impacted retail and lifestyle experiences, changed land use, and produced new living and working spaces for over 80 years. They advise and complete transactions on multi-million dollar public and private projects because of their extensive local knowledge and worldwide connections.

Their team assists individual and institutional buyers and property owners at every stage of the purchasing process. They are constantly motivated to develop creative yet practical solutions for their aspirational future.

7. Ohmyhome

Ohmyhome is a game-changer in Singapore's real estate industry with its fantastic platform streamlining real estate transactions. They were established with the goals of affordability, openness, and convenience. It makes it simple for consumers to buy, sell, or rent real estate.

Their innovative features, combined with their user-friendly interface, have won awards for simplifying real estate transactions. Ohmyhome is dedicated to simplifying and lowering the cost of housing transactions, and it keeps pushing the boundaries of the business.

8. Huttons Asia

Huttons Asia is a renowned real estate company known for its dedication to honesty and quality of service. They provide a wide range of real estate services, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The company takes great pride in its group of committed experts who offer tailored solutions to match the particular requirements of every customer. Huttons Asia is a reputable brand in the real estate sector because of its creative thinking and smart alliances.

9. Mindlink Groups

MindLink Groups is a well-known real estate firm in Singapore. The organisation is well-established in the community and offers a variety of real estate services, such as sales, leasing, development, and property investment.

MindLink Groups has built a strong name for itself based on its professionalism, morality, and dedication to providing top-notch customer service.

10. Navis Living Group

NAVIS Living Group stands out in Singapore's real estate market with its unique fusion of modern technology and familial tradition. NAVIS has experienced fast expansion and is renowned for its cutting-edge agent support systems and training initiatives. Focusing on fostering a caring atmosphere, they provide boot camps, online mentoring, and in-person training to ensure agents have access to the newest resources. NAVIS's dedication to agent growth and quality makes them a powerful force in the market.


These are the top 10 best real estate agency in Singapore you can choose. But also remember that the best agency for you depends on your specific requirements and priorities.

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