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Hi! I'M Jackie Mang,

& I'M THE FOUNDER OF Jackie Mang Division.


"The most genuine & nicest guy you will probably ever meet"


Jackie Mang
Co-Founder of NAVIS
Founder of JMD
Senior Group District Director, Huttons Asia


Having been in the industry for over a decade, I'm a success coach to many real estate agents. I truly appreciate the mentorship that I received when I was a rookie and I believe that this virtue should be passed on to everyone.


Hence, Jackie Mang Division was born.

I truly believe that with the right mindset, methods and systems, anyone can be coached to succeed in real estate. To become a veteran property consultant.

Jackie Mang Division- Recognized Real Estate Agent in Singapore

Jackie Mang Division is the leading property agent in Singapore and have years of experience in the real estate industry. We take great pride in serving clients from a wide range of backgrounds and cases. With a proven track record and commitment to client satisfaction, we are recognized as the trusted and best in the competitive world of real estate. Our team of professionals will help you achieve your real estate goals when you partner with us!

Why We Are People's Preferred Choice?


Trust and integrity are essential cornerstones of our business, making us one of the best choices. We focus on every client by listening, understanding, and recognizing their unique requirements. Our team provide personalized attention and tailored strategies to clients as we believe every client is unique and special. We focus on clients' interests by ensuring that every decision and action reflects their best interests. 


As housing agents, we hold ourselves to a high standard to stay grounded and concentrate on the requirements and goals of our clients. We perform rigorous checks and balances across all the aspects that are important to our clients. Our team never overlooked the smallest details, as they are important. Since we handle properties valued at millions, we owe it to our clients morally to always find a solution that benefits everyone.


We can serve as many clients as we can with efficiency without sacrificing the calibre of our work. Our property agent in Singapore supports our clients at every stage of their journey by putting our structure and procedures in place. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our clients' smiles, which renews our passion for being the best real estate agents.

Knowledgeable Team

Our team of agents have years of expertise and knowledge that help every client to make an informed decision. We always keep ourselves updated to serve our clients with the best and most updated strategies and solutions. With this approach, our clients can achieve their real estate goals effectively.

What Do We Do for Our Clients as Property Agents?

Rent Property

We have an extensive network that helps us to find the right tenant quickly for our valued landlord clients. Our team streamline the renting process with our strategic connections and expertise.

Sell Property

We offer unparalleled expertise in accurately pricing properties combined with our innovative virtual tour technology and robust market strategies. This combination ensures that our clients receive the best price for their properties.

Property Guides

Simplify your real estate process with our professional property guides. We provide step-by-step guidance and methods for success in purchasing, selling, or investing in Singapore real estate, which covers everything from market insights to legalities.

Contact Jackie Mang Division for Your Property Needs

If you are looking for the best and trusted real estate agent in Singapore, look no further than Jackie Mang Division. Our team of agents will listen and understand your requirements and exceed your expectations. Contact our team to get the best property in Singapore! 

Video Marketing


Let's face it. We all know that video marketing has become a powerful weapon to real estate agents. In JMD, we have a dedicated in-house video team to satisfy your marketing needs.

Be it home tours, educational content, or your brand story, the process is simplified with frameworks while producing high-quality media that you can show to the world.

Home Tours

The bread and butter of video marketing — Home Tour videos. They are often the key to getting exclusive listings from your clients.

Educational Content

Sell without selling by creating educational content videos answers your clients' questions while showing your professionalism and knowledge.

Testimonial Videos

Show how good you are by having your clients speak about you. This is the easiest content to create as you let them do the talking!

A Team Where You Belong

Other than the regular dining sessions, we uphold consistency as our value where we hold weekly training sessions, 1-to-1 mentoring, and walking the ground together — be it you're a rookie or a veteran.

jackie team.jpg

Jackie exemplifies "What Makes a Good Leader".


He gave most of his time freely while never showing a tinge of impatience.


He's totally dedicated to the training with his phone silenced which may seem a minor gesture to some; but a sincere attitude to me

- Bridget Tan, Top Producer & Multiple Award Winners

Meeting Jackie is like having a compass in your career.

He is there for me to set my direction when I'm lost. He is quick to know what is your strength and what you should do. Someone who leads by example and is willing to spend the time to hear you and guide you.


A mentor that guides you with his heart!

- Caleb & Joy, Top Producers & Co-Founders of Propertymom


I was looking for a team leader who is like-minded in the real estate industry - one who is professional, takes a business approach, and is fair in his dealings with clients and team members. 


So glad to have found Jackie who is also very experienced in the field and has great people skills 


while being in tune with today’s tech world!

- Yan Goh, Top Producer & Team Member of Jackie Mang Division


"What you will realise after being in the industry is that, you need a group to grow, support, and have fun with. A group where you can call family and get help unconditionally."


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It's time to find a leader who can unleash your fullest potential— be it you're a team leader or salesperson. Contact me today for a friendly chat and get things going.

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