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What is the RES Revision Exam in Singapore?

The RES revision exam is mandatory for individuals who want to become a qualified real estate agent. This exam is conducted by the CEA, which assesses the knowledge of candidates related to real estate laws, regulations, ethics, and industry practices.

Many people design the RES revision class for RES graduates or aspiring RES with the necessary knowledge and skills to pass the RES examination. These classes will provide you with exam tips, sample questions, mock tests, and revisions on difficult topics. After taking and passing the revision real estate exam in Singapore, ensure you are ready for the final exam!

Benefits of Taking RES Exam Revision Class

  • Structured Learning Environment: The RES Exam Revision Class offers an organised and structured learning atmosphere. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to encompass every crucial subject, guaranteeing that learners possess a thorough comprehension of the real estate exam in the Singapore syllabus.

  • Expert Guidance: The advice from seasoned real estate professionals and industry specialists is one of the revision class's most notable aspects. These educators offer the classroom a wealth of real-world experience and in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry.

  • Time Optimisation: The revision course is structured to maximise learning within a manageable amount of time, acknowledging the time constraints many aspiring real estate professionals experience. The length of the course maintains a compromise between complete subject content and useful time management.

  • Enhanced Confidence: Real estate salesperson exam success depends on more than just knowledge; it also depends on confidence. Participants in the revision class gain confidence by equipping themselves with the abilities and information required to succeed.

Duration of RES Revision Class

The RES revision classes often last anything from a few weeks to several months. The majority of RES review courses try to cover the entire syllabus as specified by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) to get applicants ready for the RES exam. Classes can be offered as online modules, weekly sessions, or intensive seminars to help learners obtain a thorough grasp of real estate.


Our Client Testimonial


Jackie Mang Division's RES revision class is essential for my career, and I am so grateful for it. The comprehensive guidance, professional advice, and interactive sessions were crucial to my success. Highly recommended!


My expectations were surpassed by the Jackie Mang Division's real estate exam course. The organised learning environment and the instructor's practical insights were very helpful for me. I highly recommend this course.


The RES Exam in Singapore Class taught by Jackie Mang Division was life-changing. I was fully prepared to pass the exam thanks to the flexible duration, interactive learning, and expert guidance! 

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